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2017 ECSTEM Exhibitors








Pacific Oaks College & Children's School

Pacific Oaks College is a nonprofit, accredited high education institution offering bachelor's completion and master's programs in human development, couseling, education, early childhood education, and teacher credentialing.  The school offers classes at its main campus in Pasadena and at a number of convenient instructional sites throughout California, as well as online.  Founded 70 years ago by a small group of Quaker families, Pacific Oaks College has remained dedicated to the fundamental Quaker principles of inclusion, social justice, and the valuing of every human being.

Kaplan Early Learning Company

Kaplan Early Learning Company offers a wide array of products and services to serve the Early Childhood classroom. Our curricula, assessments, educational materials and professional development topics are created to enhance the education of young children and spark their creativity and imagination. Stop by the booth to check out our latest technology.

Kodo Kids

Kodo Kids is devoted to enriching the lives of children.  This is our mission, our livelihood and most of all, our passion! 

In today's world, children have less opportunity to think deeply and innovate creatively.  Experiences which cultivate these skills sets are largely absent in early education, at the age which these skills are most critical.  Kodo kids seeks to help provide these experiences through playful, open-ended products which promote intentional learning, investigative personalities and out of the box problem solving.  Through these experiences, the foundation for lifelong curiosity and development of the whole child is cultivated.

The Kodo Kids team puts the child first in everything we do.  We fully embrace and do not deviate from the philosophy of learning through relevant play experiences.  Children have an instinctual urge to explore and discover, which they achieve through play.  We strive to provide tools and resources for the Early Childhood Education classroom which cultivate the opportunity for kids to think deeply and creatively, and foster intellectual, social, emotional, and physical development.


Artfelt Puppets, Pieces & Props designs, manufactures and retails adorable, coloroful, quality, curriculum-based felt-board products.  They are dynamic teaching tools that bring magic and drama to early childhood STEM, language, literature, art and music.  Teachers love them!  Children's can't get enough of them!  Storytellers treasure them!

Discount School Supply

Discount School Supply® had its beginning in a small retail store selling educational products. Founder Ron Elliott had creative ideas about how he could supply more products to respond to teachers' needs. The Discount School Supply catalog was born.

The original focus was simple, offer the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices, supported by an extraordinary level of service. Today, you'll find that focus has not changed.

Over the years we have continuously expanded our offerings and improved our service to meet your changing needs. Today, the Discount School Supply website offers the most comprehensive presentation of our products in addition to a wide variety of content resources for teachers and parents. We understand that good service is more than having items in stock when your order is placed and shipping those orders as quickly as possible, so we continue to support our customers with a US based staff of knowledgeable and friendly sales specialists that are available to you via phone or online chat.

At Discount School Supply® we understand that you want the best for your children, which is why day in and day out you give your best to them. We believe that it is because of incredible educators like you, the next generation will grow and learn so much more than we’ll ever know. All of our employees share in that passion, as we have for almost three decades. With that focus, we take pride in doing our part to contribute to better education and a better future for children and their families.

We know that you have a choice of suppliers, and we appreciate your choosing Discount School Supply.


Kohburg has become the world leader in the design, development and manufacturing of safe and quality, institutional furnishings for all educational environments.

Originating from Bavaria, Germany, the small town of Coburg is best known for its innovative and contemporary, architectural and furniture designs dating back to the early 1050s. Due to its royal connections among the royal houses of Europe, Coburg was the center of many royal Ducal weddings and visits; directly influencing its highly fashionable, elegant design styles and skilled craftsmanship.

Kohburg, Inc. has brought its rich tradition to the United States to infuse early childhood educational furnishings with contemporary and refined styling, partnered with unparalleled quality and safety to enhance the aesthetic presentation and durability of each and any classroom.

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