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From February 2-3, 2018 at the Anaheim Marriott, check out the workshops and schedule below.


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The ECSTEM Committee announces the Call for Presentation for our 7th Annual Early Childhood Science Technology Engineering Math (ECSTEM) Conference.  We are seeking proposals for presentations that offer diverse components that emerge from STEM education.  Being held at the Anaheim Marriott on February 2-3, we aim to promote and increase awareness of the importance of introducing STEM education in early childhood (birth through eight years).

Proposal requirements must:

  • Relate to early childhood STEM education.

  • Be research based or evidence based.
  • Relate to target audience of educators, practitioners, administrators, or leaders of the early childhood community.
  • Be focused on the following foundations/standards: California Preschool Learning Foundations, Head Start Learning Framework, Common Core, or Next Generation Science Standards.
  • Relate to the following approach/philosophy: Constructivism, Project Approach, High Scope, Reggio, Froebel, Montessori, or Research.

Possible workshop topics:

  • Earth Science (rocks and minerals, water, soil, climate weather, etc.)
  • Life Science (plants, animals, insects, humans, habitats etc.)
  • Physical Science (matter, force and motion, simple machines, energy, etc.)
  • Technology (robots, circuits, switches, light, etc.)
  • Engineering (structures, models, woodworking, wire working,  etc.)
  • Mathematics (measurement, numerals, numbers, patterns, games, data, graphs, etc.)
  • Observation, implementation, documentation, exploration, discovery, investigation, etc.
  • Anything STEM related


Please complete and return the proposal form no later than Friday, August 4, 2017.  You can return the presenter form via email (fill out form, save, then send) to ECSTEM@CALTECH.EDU.  If you are having difficulty accessing the presenter form online, please send an email to ECSTEM@CALTECH.EDU for a word or pdf file.