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Interested in presenting at the ECSTEM Conference? 


The ECSTEM Committee announces the Call for Presentation for our  Annual Early Childhood Science Technology Engineering Math (ECSTEM) Conference in Pasadena, CA.  We are seeking proposals for presentations that offer diverse components that emerge from STEM education.  Please read below and click the link above to download the form.

Proposal requirements must:

  • Relate to early childhood STEM education.
  • Be research based or evidence based.
  • Relate to target audience of educators, practitioners, administrators, or leaders of the early childhood community.
  • Be focused on the following foundations/standards: California Preschool Learning Foundations, Head Start Learning Framework, Common Core, or Next Generation Science Standards.
  • Relate to the following approach/philosophy: Constructivism, Project Approach, High Scope, Reggio, Froebel, Montessori, or Research.

Possible workshop topics:

  • Earth Science (rocks and minerals, water, soil, climate weather, etc.)
  • Life Science (plants, animals, insects, humans, habitats etc.)
  • Physical Science (matter, force and motion, simple machines, energy, etc.)
  • Technology (robots, circuits, switches, light, etc.)
  • Engineering (structures, models, woodworking, wire working,  etc.)
  • Mathematics (measurement, numerals, numbers, patterns, games, data, graphs, etc.)
  • Observation, implementation, documentation, exploration, discovery, investigation, etc.
  • Anything STEM related

Please complete and return the proposal form no later than Monday, November 2nd, 2020.  You can return the presenter form via email (fill out form, save, then send) to ECSTEM@CALTECH.EDU with "2021 Pasadena Proposal".  If you are having difficulty accessing the presenter form online, please send an email to ECSTEM@CALTECH.EDU for a word or pdf file. 


Content and Target Audience Key


2021 Presenters

"Force and Motion: Energy"

Presenter: Janet Nunez, B.A.

The Children's Center at Caltech

Content: S T E M 

Target Audience: P TK

Come see how teachers implemented a yearlong curriculum to help children explore different forces and how they act upon objects by exploring concepts like push, pull, friction, and speed.


"Discover, Experiment, Explore: Science Activities for Young Children"

Presenter: Judy Krause, Ed.D.

Director of Academic at the Pacific Oaks College and Children's School

Content: S

Target Audience: P TK

Prepare to EXPLORE!  This interactive workshop includes a variety of experiences to utilize in early childhood classrooms.  Join us as we work together as co-researchers, discovering the wonder of science.


 "Tools of Technology: From Little t to big T"

Presenter: Melissa Samples, M.A.

The Children's Center at Caltech

Content: S T E M

Target Audience:  P TK

The global pandemic has necessitated the use of technology now more than ever before.  Even our youngest learners are constructing knowledge about technology and the form and function of technological tools.  We designed a curriculum the addresses the need to understand the changing interface between us and technology, how the little t became the big T, and how we can use technology to create and problem solve.  Join us to see how a group of 4-5 year olds investigated the technological tools utilized in areas of math, engineering, science, art, research, and more.


"Toddling Through COVID"

Presenters: Amanda Lawson, B.A., and Diana Ramirez, B.A.

The Children's Center at Caltech

Content: S T E M

Target Audience: T

This year our learning environment took and interesting turn, but it didn't stop our toddlers from being curious learners and adapting to their changing environments.  Since children learn best through hands on experiences, we've embraced the change and created an at home curriculum through distant learning using technology and accessible tools found in the home.  Returning to school also looked differently and needed some adjustments, so we made it happen.  Join us in our journey through COVID and how we toddled through this pandemic. 


"Form and Function: the HOW TO with Infants and Toddlers"

Presenter: Eloisa McGah, B.A.

The Children's Center at Caltech

Content: S T E M

Target Audience: I T

Children are born with natural curiosity to explore the world around them.  In the Bunny (infant) room, we nurture their inquisitive minds with a developmentally appropriate curriculum: FORM AND FUNCTION.  What is it? Why is it important?  Join us as we discuss different approaches and activity modifications with our youngest children.  Get inspired!  Take with you a variety of curriculum possibilities that you can apply with your infants and toddlers. 


 "Math is…Toddlers studies of mathematics through line and trajectory"

Presenters: Kirsten Zimbelman, M.A., and Alex Morgan, M.A.

Boulder Journey School

Content:  M

Target Audience:  T

This session examines a year-long investigation, researched by a group of 2-year-old children and their teachers, around line, trajectory, and toddler joy.


 "What Sound Does a Space Chicken Make: Using Technology to Strengthen Human Connections"

Presenters: Greg Morgan, M.A., and Alex Morgan, M.A.

Boulder Journey School

Content: T

Target Audience: P TK

This session will follow the story of a class of four- and five-year-old children who explored a variety of technologies with the goal of creating, constructing, and connecting.


 "Mathematics: Learning Trajectories"

Presenters: Douglas Clements, Ph.D., and Julie Sarama, Ph.D.

University of Denver

Content: M

Target Audience: I T P TK K FG SG

Supporting professional learning communities in early math: Learning and teaching with learning trajectories.


"Adapting to Our New Normal"

Presenters: Jose Osorio, B.A., and Silvia Reano Gonzales, M.A.

The Children's Center at Caltech

Content: S T E M

Target Audience: P TK K

This workshop will look closely at the Children's Center at Caltech's approach to and transition to distant learning, as well as plans for reopening, safety guidelines, and the creation of a new Kindergarten aged classroom because of COVID-19


 "Energy: How Things Move"

Presenters: Alexandra Landayan, B.A., and Silvia Reano Gonzales, M.A.

The Children's Center at Caltech

Content: S T E M

Target Audience: I T

Examining the concept of energy and how things move as it is explored by two different groups of toddlers at the Children's Center at Caltech.  We reflect on the difference in how the children reacted and responded to the same curriculum.